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Many years of experience in the management, consultancy and personal development fields  make us your expert contact partner for the leadership and management development of the people in your business.

Mr Nicolas David Ngan

Principal of Fulfillment At Work


Professional development:



Areas of expertise

  • Strategic Mentoring to empower people to discover, align to and manifest their life purpose
  • Aligning businesses and their Owners/Directors/Managers to their true purpose 
  • Optimising team dynamics and performance


1998 to present day

Established a Personal Development and Training Business in London and Surrey, England

Facilitating clients to:

  • Understand and come to terms with the challenges in their lives and how to manage and overcome them.
  • Develop their inherent abilities so they can move forward in life and achieve much more of their true potential.
  • Understand their internal drives and how to harness this energy for a more satisfying life.

Facilitating Business Owners/Managersl to:

  • Understand and manage the challenges, abilities and drives in their lives so they can enhance their own work performance and job satisfaction.
  • Understand the challenges, abilities and drives that their staff are experiencing so as to manage them more effectively, on an individual basis, so as to enhance their performance and job satisfaction.
  • Optimise the roles, responsibilities and working relationships within teams to enhance overall team performance
  • Resolve conflicts between staff


Market & Commercial Analyst/Officer in Corporate Business and Financial Planning at Inmarsat (International Mobile Satellite Organisation) London, project managing across multi-disciplinary teams for the overall business case development process for new services, in the role of an expert, market/commercial, internal consultant, developing compelling, easily understood commercial propositions, for Shareholders and Senior Management consideration to ensure that timely, well informed, top quality investment decisions are made including:

  • Next Generation Satellite Business Case
    • Provision of mobile Internet and Intranet services to long haul aircraft and deep ocean vessels globally
    • Navigation
    • Competition
  • Production and joint authoring of International Satellite Navigation System Business Case designed to significantly enhance the safety of aircraft landings globally: US$400 million
  • Assessment of market/commercial matters relating to Inmarsat’s investment in ICO Global Communications for global handheld satellite phone services: US$6 Billion
  • Commercial input to the Inmarsat Future Structure optimisation process
  • Competitive Analysis & Strategy 


Temping work in London including financial modelling



Teaching English as a Foreign Language to students, senior managers and engineers as well as technical rewriting in Tokyo, Japan



Planning Analyst at Caltex Oil(NZ) Limited: Implemented Artifical Intelligence marketing systems, financial modelling of investment scenarios, energy forecasting


Chemical Engineer undertaking research at Coal Research Association


Research Scientist at Pottery And Ceramics Research Association

1979 - 1982

Studied Chemical and Process Engineering at Canterbury University, Christchurch New Zealand

Ralph Lewis

Associate at Fulfillment At Work
Leadership Consultant / Programme Director at London Business School


Profile – Adding Value

I help people get better at what they do and achieve their goals. My focus is on people and organizations that need better leadership to improve performance. I design and deliver programmes to develop leadership competencies. These include managing change, strategy and goal setting, performance management and people skills. Methods used include skills training, behavioural feedback, psychometrics, coaching, action learning and facilitating business meetings. Benefits are bottom line efficiencies, innovation, time savings, work-life balance, better team working, clearer business goals and individual motivation. I enjoy working with clients to design solutions that fit their own unique situations and lead to practical actions. My experience is international within a wide variety of sectors and organizations and at all levels. 


Professional Expertise and Experience - Examples

Coaching – focusing on individuals
Coaching for individual performance, career issues and skills development has always been a major part of my work. I tend to be interventionist – offering expertise and a range of options to individuals to help them develop at as fast a pace as practical. Results are seen in tangible actions such as career moves, promotions and increased skills.

Leadership Development for Business Effectiveness
I have worked with the Graduate Management trainees of two international consumer organizations.  For the first company I delivered part of a Business Education Programme with sessions on leadership, motivation, teamwork and stress management. For the second I designed and delivered a major education programme spanning three years and linked to academic qualifications – business knowledge, marketing, strategy and leadership.

I have worked with several major merchant and investment banks in the City of London and also in France. Specific areas have been leadership development and organizational effectiveness at all levels from the Board to junior administrative managers.

Government and NHS:
I have run programmes for Social Services team leaders in local government, taught at a Civil Service college and for the Benefits Agency. I have had assignments for the British Council in Burma and Nigeria.  In the NHS programmes have included Innovation Leadership and Performance Management.

This has been a major focus. Programmes and workshops have ranged from developing innovative leadership for international managers for a semiconductor company in France to long term relationships with both hardware suppliers and a storage organization.  In the first case I worked closely with the Board to develop and deliver management development from Board to field engineer level – People Skills, Assertiveness, Leadership, Assessment Centres, Stress and Time Management, Problem-Solving and Decision Making, Coaching – all linked to business strategy. For the storage company focus was on Leadership Programmes for Field engineers and managers – Communication skills; Presentation, Problem-Solving and Customer Relationship Management. I have run Career Development Programmes for a major software supplier.

Open Leadership Programmes:
I have been Programme Director and coached on leadership programmes at Cranfield and Henley Schools of Management and also at Cambridge Management Centres where I was Course Director for over 10 years on the Looking at Leadership and Looking at Strategic Leadership programmes. These were five day programme dealing with business strategy, effective leadership and team work, personal effectiveness involving business stimulation, feedback and coaching.

I worked with a team of coaches, co-designed and delivered international leadership programme for the top 500 managers over a three years post merger period. The focus was on integration and solving business challenges. With the same company I have continued with a Developing Leaders Programme for high-flyers and workshops on coaching, teambuilding and delivering performance.

I developed and ran Leadership Development Programmes for a major retailer following a takeover – from Board to Store Manager levels – focusing on culture change and leadership effectiveness.

Innovation and Change – developing new practices
Almost all leadership programmes focus on innovation and change but there are several specific assignments where this was the key focus. In the Pharmaceutical sector I designed and delivered a major culture change programme over a period of two years for the top 200 IS Leaders to implement their vision for their organization This involved 360 feedback and key leadership, business and change competencies; focusing on business challenges and most of all finding innovative ways to deliver value. One other  example; a Design company where change was needed to look at better and more effective ways of working between functional disciplines.

Facilitation / Business Leadership Groups – solving real business problems
For a range of sectors including consumer, IT and charities I have facilitated business meetings –driving decision making, problem solving and effective use of people and time with behavioural feedback and guidance for best practice

Teamwork – getting people working well together
Effective teamwork is an essential for all organizations. It is a major area of expertise of mine. I have run team workshops for the Boards of major companies to their operational staff. Sectors include those above, manufacturing, marketing and PR companies and Strategic Consultancies. My focus is on the task side – effective delivery and team organization and the people side - client communication and team member motivation. The outcomes are clear actions in all these areas. Benefits have included bottom line savings, simplified decision making and  other processes, greater client satisfaction and higher employee motivation. Workshops have varied from ½ day to 4 days depending on client needs and diagnosis.

Assessment and Development – identifying and developing talent
I have helped run both assessment and development centers for different sectors at senior and middle management levels. The workshops include feedback from the workplace, coaching, definition and assessment of competencies and behavioural feedback as well as use of psychometric testing.

Other Experience:
These have included Consultancy Skills for senior managers in the Construction industry; developing competency based job definitions for an Oil company and running total quality programmes in the Far East and Australiasia for an Office Equipment supplier with the focus on delivery, problem solving and innovation. I have also co-run Outdoor Management Programmes. These have been for leadership development or to help in culture change. E.g. for an IT company to develop a common vision and communication

Skills Training – solving specific needs
There is a range of specific skills training workshops I run These include: People Skills, Communication skills, Assertiveness, Presentation Skills, Coaching Skills, Stress Management, Time Management, Problem-Solving and Decision Making and Customer Relationship Management.

Other Professional Activities

I co-founded the Greenleaf Centre for Servant-Leadership in the UK and run conferences as well as presenting. I also co-founded the British Association for Psychological Type and again organized and presented at their conferences.

I have written fifteen articles for professional journals such as Personnel Review, Strategic Change and International Journal of Manpower on subjects such as career development, organisational functions, change and individuals, assessment of personality, competency assessment, complexity theory and organisations, and many aspects of Jungian typology. Also co-written two books on management development, Individual Excellence and Management Development Beyond the Fringe. Other titles include training manuals on Teamwork and Time Management for Kogan Page. I have developed several assessment questionnaires to measure team and organisational preferences, individual preferences, competencies and development needs based on Jung’s theory of personality.

Career Background

After getting a degree in Physics I worked as an engineer before moving into Systems Analysis. A year teaching Maths as a volunteer in Uganda lead to an Masters in Management Education and four years at Cranfield School of Management lecturing to MBAs and running in-company programmes and conferences. I decided to go independent and have run my own consultancy for over 20 years.

Qualifications and Membership of Professional Bodies

MPhil Management Development, BSc Physics Honours, Diploma in Administrative Management
Accredited for Myers-Briggs and FIRO Elements